Shao Lin Kung Fu Walnut, established under the direction and mandate of the Shaolin Temple abbot, Master Feng Fei, is an extension of Shaolin Temple China. To serve as a cultural exchange center by presenting the way of Shaolin monks’ life in practicing Chan, Kung-Fu, Medicine, and Philosophy through trainings, which will help practitioners improve their health and quality of life


The Characteristics of Shaolin Kungfu

The characteristics of Shaolin Kungfu are its emphasis on skillful fighting techniques and its solid base in actual combat. Therefore, Shaolin Kungfu form routines are compact and strong in structure and rapid and tight in sequence. The moves are forceful and quick; attack and defense are agile and effective; and the practitioner’s mental intentions and physical movements are in unison. One advances with proper directions and retreats with efficient means; all moves are connected seamlessly like a breath. Therefore, the Principle of Fist Forms states, “The body drawing in and leaping forcefully, the feet keeping stances and moving forth, the hands striking outward and withdrawing inward, one advances or retreats, rises up or drops low—the form in its entirety should be seamlessly practiced in one breath.”

Master (Shifu): Feng Fei 

    Master Feng Fei is the thirty-fourth generation of Warrior Monk at Shaolin Temple in China. During his 18 years of monastic life in Shaolin Temple, he has received extensive training in Kung Fu and Zen meditation. In addition, he has attended over two hundreds different international performances and various major world leaders events. Shifu Feng is fully skilled at traditional Shaolin Kungfu and national competitive martial arts. Especially, he specifies focusing on Qigong, martial art forms, and traditional weapons including double broadsword and staff.


    He has visited France, Italy, Germany, U.K., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan...more than two dozen countries and regions...teaching and performing Shaolin Kungfu. He has received lots of good comments with interviews and reports from United Kingdom media, Xiamen Daily, and many other radio stations and newspapers.